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Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2014-2017
            M.S. Biological Sciences, 2017

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2008-2012
            B.S. Environmental Science, 2012

Graduate Research: Western Michigan University, August 2012-present (research advisor: Dr. Stephen Malcolm)
         -Varying Shades of Orange: How does wing color effect monarch behavior
         -Research aims to better understand how Danaus plexippus is utilizing it's two most               important N. American hostplants: Asclepias syriaca and Asclepias viridis
         -Analysis includes chemical analysis of wing, color analysis of wind, and behavioral                 feeding tray experiments to Midwest bird predator population
         -Funded by Western Michigan University Graduate Student Research Grant ($1,000)
Undergraduate Research: University of Michigan Biological Station, June 2012-August 2012 (research advisor: Dr. Catherine Bach)

         -Successional changes in arthropod communities at the University of Michigan burn               plots
         -Investigated forest and arthropod succession in several University of Michigan                       Biological Station burn plots
         -Utilized analysis of variance and other analytical statistics to present findings
         -Was chosen amongst eight other projects to present in front of Biological Station                   scientific community
Undergraduate Research: University of Michigan Biological Station, June 2012-August 2012 (research advisor: Dr. Kristin Uthus)
         -Castor canadensis in a northern Michigan boreal forest: Are beavers optimal                         foragers?
         -Researched and analyzed beaver foraging behavior
Undergraduate Research: University of Michigan Biological Station, June 2012-August 2012 (research advisor: Dr. Philip D’Anieri)
         -Declining attendance at Colonial Michilimackinac
         -Investigated reasoning for declining attendance at Colonial Michilimackinac in                         Mackinaw City, MI

         Plant and insect interactions
         Insect population dynamics
         Evolutionary life histories
         Aposematism in insects
         Role of wing color in signaling within monarch butterfly populations

(Teaching evaluations available upon request)
Primary Instructor: Introduction to Ecology & Evolution Lab, Western Michigan University, Spring 2016
        -Lectured to freshman level students on ecology and evolution topics
        -Administered experiments aimed to provide students with hands on experience.
        -Designed quiz materials and homework assignments
Primary Instructor: Ecology Lab, Western Michigan University, Fall 2015 & Fall 2016
        -Provided upper level biology students with lectures related to ecology
        -Encouraged students during field experiments to keep adequate data
        -Honed student's science writing skills over the course of the semester

        -Designed quiz materials and homework assignments
Primary Instructor: Biology Lab for Non-Majors, Western Michigan University, Summer 2015 & Spring 2017

        -Lectured on introductory biology concepts
        -Facilitated corresponding introductory biology labs
        -Wrote all quizzes and exams
Teaching Assistant: Biological Form & Function, Western Michigan University, Spring 2015
        -Assisted Dr. John Jellies with lecture and exam preparation
        -Wrote all quizzes and assignments
        -Held student development workshops to aid in note taking, exam preparation, and                studying guidance 
Teaching Assistant: Biological Form & Function, Western Michigan University, Fall 2014
        -Assisted Dr. Maarten Vonhof with lecture and exam preparation
        -Held extended office hours to ensure student comprehension
        -Graded all assignments, quizzes, and exams
Freshman Coach: Rowing Team, Northville High School, August 2012-January 2013
-Introduced high school freshman to the sport of rowing
        -Provided guidance on rowing technique
        -Prepared student athletes for competition

Graduate Teaching Effectiveness Award: Graduate College, Western Michigan University, April 2016
        -Awarded for consistently high marks on student teaching evaluations
        -Nominated for award by Biological Sciences department faculty members

High School Research Advisor: Western Michigan University, Spring 2015
        -Mentored a research project conducted by two high school students at Kalamazoo                Area Math & Science Center
        -Research involved comparison of wing color and defense characteristics in two                      species of monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus and Danaus erippus)
        -The students presented their project at the 2015 SWMSE Regional Science Fair and              were awarded 3rd place overall
        -In addition to their award, the two were invited to speak at the 2015 Michigan High                School Early Researchers Symposium at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI
Peer Advisor: Engineering Advising Center, University of Michigan, May 2010-October 2011
        -Oriented incoming freshman engineering students
        -Counseled students struggling with academics or scheduling

Environmental Specialist: Veolia Environmental Services, April 2013-September 2014
-Contracted by Pfizer Pharmaceutical and Zoetis Animal Health in Kalamazoo,                          Michigan
        -Provided hazardous waste management for all facility chemical waste streams
        -Used analytical chemistry to assess chemicals and establish safety standards
        -Stored hazardous chemicals under EPA and DEQ regulations

Deighton, M. T. Arthropod succession in University of Michigan burn plots, paper                           presented at Biological Station symposium in August 2012, Pellston, MI.

University of Michigan Men’s Rowing Team, varsity oarsmen, 2008-2012
         -Won four team national titles at the American Collegiate Rowing Association                          (ACRA) championships in Gainesville, GA, 2009-2012
         -Won individual national title in Men’s Varsity Lightweight 4+ event at the ACRA                      championships, 2011
         -Received a gold medal at the 2010 and 2011 Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference              championships in Worcester, MA