Episode 5 - Falcon Heavy and the Martian Tesla + Reminiscing the Eclipse (feat. Jon)

Happy New Year! On this episode of Eclipse on Tap, Matt and David share their excitement for the Falcon Heavy and its upcoming launch in late January. Seeing such a large rocket go vertical on Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center is something that anyone interested in space exploration gets pumped up for. The astronaut of the month is the late John Young. Young recently passed away, but left a legacy on space exploration that will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, John Watts Young. “What’s Up” for January includes a reminder regarding the upcoming total lunar eclipse that will take place on January 31st. The podcast ends with a special interview with our good friend and fellow eclipse chaser, Jon. Jon shares his own interesting perspective on witnessing the total solar eclipse and what seeing such an amazing event means to him.

Episode 4 - "Mad" Mike Hughes and the Turd-Shaped Asteroid

On this episode of Eclipse on Tap, co-hosts Matt and David recap the local Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association public meeting, which showcased the various types of telescopes best suited for new hobbyists. They also share news related to the infamous "flat-Earther" Mad Mike Hughes and his crazy plans for a rocket launch. News continues with discussion surrounding the cigar-shaped alien asteroid 'Oumuamua and its interesting origins. The episode wraps out with the planet of the month, Mercury, the astronaut of the month, Jim Lovell, and a brand new segment showcasing "What's Up" for December's night sky.

Episode 3 - Would You Eat the Moon if It Were Made of Ribs?

On this episode of Eclipse on Tap, co-hosts Matt and David discuss upcoming eclipse news including the total lunar eclipse on January 31st, 2018. The International Astronautical Congress meeting in late September was also a topic of discussion, specifically Elon Musk's plan to potentially return to the moon. A new addition to the program for this month is a portion featuring an astronaut. This month's feature was Gene Cernan, the "Last Man on the Moon". Matt and David discuss Gene Cernan's lasting impression on the world of space exploration. The episode wraps with this month's featured planet: Venus!

Episode 2 - From Project Echo to Mars (feat. RaceChaserDad)

This episode of Eclipse on Tap features the first of many interviews! We interview David and Matt's dad/father-in-law, respectively, and discuss his passion for space, astronomy, and eclipses. As one of the four people that witnessed the 2017 totality event with us in Hopkinsville, KY, RaceChaserDad gives us his unique perspective of the celestial phenomenon. We also feature our first planet of the month: Saturn!